Church Fees

The Church fees consist of the amounts dictated by the Church of England (see below) plus the St Mary's and Christ Church PCC agreed expenses.

TABLE OF PAROCHIAL FEES from 1 January 2019

There are lots of variations on the above and therefore it is best to enquire about funerals or weddings etc. and be given the full fees depending on what extras are required.

Below are some typical examples:

The figure for a funeral at either church would be: £315. based on:
Service (in church) £195
Burial in cemetery/crematorium immediately preceding or following on from service £28

Plus the PCC will be charging £50 for the services of music (either an organist or operation of the music desk for cd’s etc) and £42 for heating. St Mary’s and Christ Church currently do not make any extra charge for the services of a verger for the funeral service.

There are different fees for services not held in church or if the burial is on a separate occasion and not immediately preceding or following the church service.

The total cost of a funeral held in a crematoria / cemetery is £195

The figure for a wedding would be £621 based on:
Publication of banns of marriage £30.
Certificate of banns issued at time of publication  £14.
Marriage Service in church £455.
Verger £30.
Organ/Music £50.
Heating £42




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